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"Ye old Meat and 3"

BlogWe only use the best quality meats and ingredients!.

We have Meat plus side prices as follows:

Meat +1 Side $6.80
Meat +2 Sides $7.80
Meat +3 Sides $8.80

Posted By: Tom | Category: Main Menu | Added: 15:45, 31 March 2018


SidesOur burgers are the best, anywhere!!


Hamburger $5.89
Cheeseburger $6.34
Bacon Cheeseburger $7.94
Country Fried Steak $5.89
Posted By: Tom | Category: Burgers | Added: 20:24, 14 February 2018


SidesWe have many sides on a daily basis. They vary day to day based on availability.


Sides include, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Macaroni and cheese, white and brown gravy, green beans, white beans, pinto beans, baby carrots, corn, grilled vegetables, squash casserole, various greens and fried cinammon apples.

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Grilled Cheese $3.49
Grilled Chicken $5.79
Chicken Salad $5.79
Ham, Chicken Cheddar $5.79
Grilled Chicken Wrap $5.70
Club Wrap $5.79
BLT %5.79
Club $5.79



We also have Ribeye and Prime Rib to order!

Ribeye $13.99
Prime Rib $14.99


Pizza $5.99
Add per topping $1.49